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Options for Southern Oregon is housed at 1215 SW "G" Street in Grants Pass, the former Roosevelt School building.  The facility was renovated and restored by Options with work completed in September of 2001. An award from the City of Grants Pass for Exemplary Design and Building Practices was presented to Options in recognition of the quality of the renovation.


Although attached as a continuous structure, the 'G' Street facility was constructed in three distinct phases and time periods. The original school built in 1921 was a four room, concrete walled building. In 1953, a wood framed addition provided two additional classrooms. A kitchen and a multi-purpose room used as a cafeteria and gymnasium was completed in 1964.

After decades of use, the building was abandoned as a school in 1977 and was used as a printing and storage facility for the district. Although it had received local historic landmark status, only the most essential maintenance had been done for many years and it was in a sad state of disrepair when Options purchased it in 1991. Financial limitations meant that only the most critical health and safety-related renovations were completed. But by 1998, it was recognized that more work was desperately needed.

The central section of the building had very serious structural weaknesses. This section was neither architecturally nor aesthetically integrated with the original building and its under-spanned, flat roof was hazardous and prone to leaks. The multipurpose room, though structurally sound, was cavernous, dark and needed a new roof. Options began to raise the funds to move ahead. In 30 months, we successfully raised more than $940,000. This included fund raising events sponsored by consumers and the Options board, contributions from local businesses and foundation grants. The largest portion of the funds came from a $600,000 Community Development Block Grant. With sufficient funds to meet original budget requirements, we moved ahead: finalizing design plans and putting the project out to bid. The actual project began in December of 2000.

During the course of construction, structural deficiencies were uncovered. The building code required the three building sections to be separated by specially constructed barrier walls. It was discovered that the roof of the multi-purpose room needed to be replaced. Increased costs - due to these and other unanticipated discoveries during construction - necessitated dividing the project into two phases and seeking supplemental funding. During the spring of 2001, Options was successful in obtaining three additional grants totaling $50,000 to complete the second phase of the project.

In June, 2001 Phase I was completed. In addition to the new construction and remodeling, this phase included landscaping of the grounds, a more efficiently designed driveway and 26 additional parking space. Both Options and our community partner, the Josephine Housing and Community Development Corporation, moved back into the building. Their tenancy provides convenience for our shared clients and assists Options in recovering some of the building's operational costs.

Approximately one week later, Phase II of the project began. This portion of the renovation included the upgrading of the multipurpose room, improvement of handicapped access and the addition of two ADA bathrooms. The project was finally completed by the second week of September, 2001 and over 500 community members attended an open house on September 21st.

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