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Employment Works is based on a nationally recognized model of supported employment known as Individual Placement and Support (IPS), which has been shown to be highly successful in helping people with psychiatric disabilities to find and keep jobs.

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Our model emphasizes competitive employment as a pathway toward recovery by focusing on job search and ongoing employment or education support that allows people to meet their own personal goals and become more actively integrated into the community.

Options' Employment Works program is a model of Supported Employment that provides individual job development and ongoing support to consumers of mental health services. The focus of the Employment Works program is to view consumers as capable members of our community and support their choice to participate in the world of work.

The program is based on a set of principles that includes competitive employment as the ultimate goal, rapid job search, integration of rehabilitation and mental health, attention to consumer preferences, continuous, work-based assessments and time-unlimited support.

The aim of the Employment Coordinators is to assist consumers in a job search that matches their interest and results in a job with a competitive wage in an integrated work setting. After the job is obtained, ongoing support is designed to assist consumers in successful job retention.

The service is provided with a team approach that includes the consumer, a primary clinician, an Options Employment Coordinator and any other significant persons the consumer would like to include. The entire process is determined by consumer preference. Services are community based and provided in the most natural environment for each individual.

The program works in conjunction with other community partners such as the Employment Department, Senior and Disabled Services, the Social Security Administration and Vocational Rehabilitation, whose goal it is to get people to work. In many cases, the biggest barrier for people who have been on disability benefits to return to work is the fear of losing their monthly benefits. These local agencies help Options Employment Coordinators, employers and consumers understand the complexities of the system. The Employment Works process results in the consumer's successfully obtaining and maintaining a competitive position and the employer's hiring a qualified worker who is motivated to succeed.

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