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  Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP)

Options offers Peer Support through the Wellness Recovery Action Plan (WRAP).

For more information about the WRAP Program contact: Adam Ward, Case Manager, award@optionsonline.org

Peer Support is about having relationships with others in new and different ways that promote growth, recovery and wellness. WRAP is about living in new and different ways that promote growth, recovery and wellness. By combining the two, the skills and strategies that we discover in peer support can become part of our WRAP and the skills and strategies we discover as we learn about and use WRAP assist us in peer Support.

The combination of WRAP and Peer Support can be very powerful in helping us grow, learn from each other and challenge each other beyond what we thought we were capable of. Using peer support theory, we use WRAP to help each other discover the context within which we've learned about ourselves, and then help each other develop plans for the future.

Options offers WRAP workshops to teach the concepts, skills and strategies peers have gained from their own personal experiences. Topics include getting a sense of hope, Wellness Tools, Wellness Recovery Action Planning, Relapse Prevention, Crisis Planning, Developing a Strong Support System, Education, Personal Responsibility, Self-Advocacy, Building Self-Esteem, Healing from the Effects of Trauma, and Relieving Loneliness and Worry. The skills and strategies taught are not necessarily a replacement for other kinds of treatment, but complement any other treatment.

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